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Changing FONTS on Symbian Phones

Yes you read the subject correctly! And its very easy too! Before I start with the tutorial, take a look at the pics below, those are the ones I tried on my phone (6600 firmware v5). This also works on firmware v3 & v4 on the 6600.

Modern Font


Also prior to installing this fonts, I suggest you install FExplorer on your phone. Ok so here goes...

Step 1. Download the fonts HERE.

Step 2. In the Zip file you will see
+ FontRemover.sis
+ tahoma.sis
+ modern.sis
+ set3v3.sis
+ mssans.sis
+ symbol.gdr
+ comic.gdr

Step 3. Then send the FontRemover.sis to your phone and install it. Once installed, launch the application and it should ask you if you want to delete font. Click on Yes and it should tell you to reboot your phone. Do NOT reboot first.

Step 4. Now send one of the font sis files, lets say modern.sis to your phone and install it to your C drive (your phone, NOT mmc). Once installed then reboot your phone.

Step 5. When it starts, you should see the default fonts replaced by the ones you have just installed.

Now I cant stress this more but you need to understand that you can only use ONE FONT at one time. If you want to use another font, you will have to go back to step 3 & 4.

As for the .gdr files, you will need to do it this way.

Step 1. Use FontRemover to remove the fonts.

Step 2. Open FExplorer and goto C:\system and create a "fonts" folder as shown below.

Step 3. Send the .gdr file to your phone. Do not open it as it will say unknown file format.

Step 4. Find the file in your mail folders (C or E:\system\mail\00001001_S\0-9, a-f) using FExplorer.

Step 5. Copy or Cut the file and then paste it to the C:\system\fonts folder.

Step 6. Exit FExplorer and then reboot you phone.

So its that simple. In my testing, I found that some fonts like tahoma & mssans does not make much different (well atleast to me) as the modern font did. As for the 7610, I only managed to try on a v4 firmware and I noticed that the impact of the fonts is not so much as you would see on the 6600.

Good luck!


UPDATE: 23/01/05

Works on
Model & Firmware
6600 - v3.42.1, v4.09.1, v5.27.0
6630 - v2.39
7610 - v4.0437.4
N-gage v4.03 Nem-4

Doesnt work on or little effect only
Model & Firmware
7610 - v4.0424.4

After endless Googling I finally found the Easy GDR Creator! Now you can create fonts like crazy! Laughing

Get it HERE! Please rename the .zip to .exe and then install the file.

Download new fonts Click Here

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